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July 20, 2013

What an intensive day! On July 20th 2013 I participated in the 12hs photo competition Urban Photo Race in Amsterdam. I have to say it was a great experience, I absolutely needed something like this to celebrate the end of a long winter period.

4 check points distributed around the city, 6 themes that were announced in three, two and one in each check point, so it was always a big surprise and excitement  each time I picked my flyer with next subject/s, 18 photographs, 3 per theme.

Although I took my bike with me I also did a lot of walking  around the city looking for inspirations, sometimes easy some others not so much, at the end of the day we had to meet and download our 18 final photos , the tricky part: not enough time to edit the photos, so I did the quickest editing that I have ever done, took my bike, dog, husband and friend (my friend was also participating in the competition and she also had to do the quickest editing that she had ever made) at high speed we finally got at the last check point on time! After job was done we just sat at the terrace and enjoyed a beer with a great view!

I have to say that I’m quite happy with my results, they were not all great, but I end up with some that makes me feel proud of myself, but of course when I look at them now I would definitely have made more changes, but it is too late and that is actually the dynamic of the competition and what it makes it unique, ‘take your best shots and make the most of it because you only have 12hs!

Now I’m so looking forward to see the winning photos!!!


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August 3, 2013

This Saturday was the Gay Pride in Ámsterdam, big celebration, very colorful and lots of people expressing themselves.
Many chances for good photos, and I´m sure there are lots of great ones out there, but in this occasion I wanted to show the behind the scenes, the other protagonists and what it was probably the last rounds before closing the party down and going home.

The other reason for choosing this time of the day (or even distance) is because I took the occasion to go out for a walk with my husband and dog, and have some drinks away from the main streets and

Although my dog handle the pressure of the crows pretty well my husband doesn’t that much! 


I have made a selection of some these photos taken at the end of the party.

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