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Artist Bio

Celia Fernandez is an award-winning artist and frequently represented as a finalist in prominent Australian art prizes.

She started first exploring photography, but once she discovered the Op Art movement it woke up a dormant passion for painting and effects, giving her a new path that she has explored up to the present.

Self-taught, Celia spent many years learning through practice, observation, analysis, reading and experimentation before she decided to pursue a career as an artist, with the last few years focusing on painting.

Artist Statement

She explores optical effects via her geometric abstractive painting style, fascinated by the perception of movement that can be achieved by the combination of colours and variations in contrast.

In Celia’s work you’ll notice the influence of artists like Bridget Riley's drawing compositions and the obsessive, repetitious mark-making of Yayoi Kusama, inspired by her two major influences she developed her own original technique. 

Through the use of dots, she explores shapes, colour fields and reactions through layering, colour combinations and gradation of shade.


Her almost hypnotizing pop pointillism displays a great amount of precision and detail playing with the illusion of perfection.

Her work is experimental, original, intuitive and playful, a delightful representation of contemporary Art.

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