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Artist Bio

Celia Fernandez is an Argentinian artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Living in 4 different countries: Argentina, Spain, The Netherlands, Australia and her travels to many more places gave her the opportunity to find herself and her passion for visual arts.

She is curious by nature and this is reflected in both her photography and painting as she explores different techniques and styles.

Self-taught, Celia spent many years learning through practice, observation, analysis, reading and experimentation before she decided to pursue a career as an artist, with the last few years turning to painting mainly.


Artist Statement

Her painting style is heavily influenced by the 60's movement Op Art. With her geometric abstraction paintings she creates optical effects through the exploration of colours and  forms.

She is fascinated by the perception  of movement that can be achieved by the  combination of colors and their contrast.

Inspired by two of her major influences, Bridget Riley and Yayoi Kusama, she developed her own original technique, by the use of dots she explores shapes, colorfields and reactions through layering and transition of colours.

Her almost hypnotizing pop pointillism displays a great amount of precision and detail playing with the illusion of perfection.

Her work is experimental, original, intuitive and playful, a delightful representation of contemporary Art.
She also creates collages with a geometrical approach and a mix between organic movement and hard edge.

‘An image can take you to a happy place, bring you a melancholic memory or to dream with a future…’

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